Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This is a logo I created for an old friend of mine from elementary and Jr. High. I hadn't spoken to my friend Jackie since Jr. High and one day she found me on MySpace. After getting reacquainted she asked for my help. Jackie explained that she was diagnosed with MS a few years ago and was now starting a nonprofit organization to help educate people with MS, specifically Latinos with MS. She knew that I had gone to school for animation and asked if I could create a logo for her organization. She knew she wanted a "cartoony, but girly" iguana with long lashes and Betty Boop lips, specific colors & the acronym S.A.M.S, but the rest was up to me. I had about two weeks total to come up with an idea and final logo. The following is the result of Jackie's request.

After several horrible drawings, Jim had to do the initial sketch. I learned very quickly that iguanas are not my thing. Especially "girly" iguanas.

And then I finalized everything

Jackie loved the final result and if all goes well, we'll be working together again on brochures, coloring books and other literature for people with MS and their families.


Matthew Long said...

Feminine reptiles are a difficult thing to draw. Look at the animated films with dinosaurs, usually they just make them thinner, give them pink or red colors and a female voice actor and call it a day, they don't really design them as females. I think you two did a good job on this one.

Christina said...

Thanks Matt! It's true what you said, I never thought about that before. They do take the easy way out! :)